Orla t system per tyros4

xr2002 23-10-11 21.36

+ una bella pedaliera radiale...

emo E' una pazzia? Invece di un Roland Atelier, secondo me è meglio questa...
Smoothlight 24-10-11 12.42
Interessantissimo ! emo grazie per la segnalazione!emo
Smoothlight 24-10-11 12.50
Interessante anche l'offerta di guarda qui delle Sounds Keys Pack

e attention please...

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All sounds for keys packs now available!
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We have just added all of the sounds for keys packs to our shop and are delighted to announce that you can now buy all packs direct from us.
With amazing reviews worldwide these voice packs are the BEST quality and give you a sound that no other voice pack offers. All sampled in HD clarity, these packs give you sounds that your Tyros deserves. Please make sure you have the additional memory installed in your keyboard before buying as they will require the extra memory. Each pack comes with a step by step idiot’s guide to loading so even the most computer illiterate can use these sounds without fear!

ecco ci voleva...emo